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You may always be counting on your family before anyone else. And life gets you going social and you must be independent on your own. Maybe, not always. This is why God gave us cousins. They are the first link we have to kinship following our parents. And we spend a lot of time together while growing up. In this post we will also discuss why you can find your lifetime friend on your cousin:
1 They’ll Never Leave You Alone
Your cousins are the great friends, but they are not prone to change in time and circumstances. They will never leave by your side or at least even if they are busy or drift apart, you guys will be back in some point or the other. This is a great sort of security that you look for in friendships.
Your cousins will remind you of all the fun times you have had. Your youth stories, your secrets, your loved ones inside jokes and everything that’s ever mattered to you. Even when you grow up and drift apart, they know far more about you and will always find a footing in your life. And you can also share your secrets with them that even your parents do not know.
3 They Will Not Break Your Trust
Your cousins know you stories and values. They recognize the kind of person you are. You may have disagreements or conflicts, but be confident that they will keep your back. Also they would set up against any force that goes against you even if they’re angry with you. That’s the power of similar bloodline.
You cousins were there when you guys were kindergartners. Your cousins were there when you’re in high school. And they will most likely be somewhere in your life even if you lose contact them for a while. They know everything about you, your story, your own history, the kind of things that break your heart. They probably never made a mind to put up against you so that they know you better than your ordinary friends.
5 After All They’re Your Family
Your cousins are somehow somewhere just your next family outside of your home. You men are connected with a bond which goes beyond the logic of worldly rules and friendships based on needs. They are God’s supply of sending friends to you. So you support them as much as they encourage you, as simple as that!
6 They’ve Seen You Through All Your Times
Your cousins are truly the type of people who understand your travels, your struggles and the sort of person you’ve become. Therefore you don’t need to explain them anything anyway. This is a great premise and makes up for the sort of friendship that is in fact a lifetime affair! Unlike your general friends who may not understand the type of things that hurt you and might end up devoting their friendship with you.
7 They Know Your Worth
Your cousins are your life time friends because they will never loose you and they will do anything to keep up with you. They understand your true worth. Your cousins aren’t outsiders, they know your value and worth, therefore they won’t leave you and find a life support in them for sure.
8 They’re The First Childhood Friends You Have
This is a given fact, they’re your first brush with social life. They are your first friends. You share those lovely friendship SMS and the food with them, you grow up together and have shared the very best and the worst things. They are technically the first friends you have and the last friends you will cherish even in the last stages of your life. This is the advantage you’ve got with them.

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